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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 12 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Laurie McCallum of Christchurch nominated 'Cinnamon Girl' by Neil Young.

1:20 NZ Music - Henpicked

2:10 The Charity Horse Ride is Over - Peter Langford - There was a sense of achievement yesterday when Pete Langford arrived in Cape Reinga after spending 9 months horse riding up the country. When we last caught up with Pete he was in Hastings, and since then he's ridden through the back country of the North Island. He's faced some tough challenges, but yesterday, when he reached the most northern point of the country, he knew his efforts were all worth it.

2:20 Suicide Recovery - David Steemson - The the third in a small series by David Steemson on surviving suicide
The Mental Health Foundation believes society can benefit from talking about what it calls "Suicide Recovery",people who've survived suicide. One such person is Dr Sarah Gordon who lectures on indigenous mental health at Victoria University. She lost her husband to suicide five years ago.

2:30 Reading - The final episode of our 5-part story 'Birbie from Totaranui' by Joan Drewery.
Birbie is the pet starling that has been adopted by a family with three children, and they've taken ghim with them as they move house from Golden Bay to the Southern lakes. But the first time they release him, he vanishes and  doesn't return.
Read by Joanne Simpson, recorded by Phil Benge and produced by Michael Wilson for Radio New Zealand National.
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Breakfast Special. Side-1 Track-2 on theProduction Music LP  Impress - Flying Flutes [IA 418]

2:45 Feature album - Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) - The Kinks (1969).

3:08 One Stop Shop - We setup your winter weekend with Jonny Schwass' fried chicken .. Yvonne Lorkin's fine wine, Sarah McMullan reviews school holiday movies - Monsters University and Epic in 3D - plus the sci fi film,
Pacific Rim.

4:06 Rosemary McLeod and Amanda Miller are on The Panel today - jury service, the wriggling out of it, and should we have a different system ? What happened to the consience vote on the pokies? Do your thoughts become more ponderous as you put on weight? The problems opening packaging, the woman who sent ten tons of broccoli to George Bush and the numbers of people driving around drugged on our roads.