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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 16 July 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Warren Nash of Golden nomninated 'She Loves You' by The Beatles

1:20 Critical Mass

TV review - Sarah McMullan
Books - Graham Beattie

French Ties - Love, life & recipes - Jane Webster - Published by Penguin Books Australia in 2012
French Lessons - recipes and techniques for a new generation of cooks - Justin North - Hardie Grant Publishers - pub.

Music - Nick Atkinson
Web - Ele Ludemann

2:10 The Self-taught Teenage Painter - Rebeka Codlin - At the age of 19 many of us were still trying to figure out what we wanted to achieve in life... but Marlborough Sounds artist, Rebeka Codlin has figured out what she wants to do and because of that drive, she is quickly making a name for herself on the art scene. The 19 year old self-taught painter has just opened her first solo exhibition titled "expressions" at Terrace Downs in the South Island. One opening night one of the paintings sold for $10,000.

2:20 The Flutter App - Tim Nixon - A New Zealand produced iphone App which allows you to create your own rain forest is fluttering its way to popularity. The app called 'Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary', was created by Tim Nixon and his team at Runaway Play in Dunedin and allows for players to raise butterflies.

2:30 Reading - Folk tales, humour and dramatic perspectives of advancing years come in for consideration as Kevin Ireland continues reading his Four Winds essay - 'On Getting Old'  at half past two.
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Rockin' Chair - Hoagy Carmichael. Sung by Louis Armstrong. Ken Burns Jazz, Columbia
C5K 61432, disc 5

2:45 Feature Album - Sunflower - Beach Boys (1970)

3:10 The Self-propelled Underwater Wheelchair -  Sue Austin floats like a mermaid among tropical fish and colorful coral reefs on a deep sea dive unlike any other. What's so unique about what Sue does is that she's in a wheelchair, a specially kitted out  National Health Service  wheelchair with propulsion thrusters, an air tank and fins.   

3:30  In today's Asian Report;  the last vestiges of Auckland's China town in the 1950's. Suzanne Chan-On  talks about her child-hood in the CBD; growing up with bodgies, widgies, pakapoo and opium dens.

4:06  Linda Clark and Tony Doe are on The Panel... Is it time to get on with applying road tolls in Auckland? How much should you have to save up to get a mortgage on your first home? 20% is the figure being mooted, does that sound about right? The cheapest rental in Northland, the diabetes metres that don't work in the cold...the hard costs of spying...and would plain packaging put you off buying junk food.