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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 12 April 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Greg Wood from Auckland nominated Silver Turkey by Buffalo Daughter

1:20 New Zealand Live with Auckland indie-folk band Landy and Company.

2:10 White Wave - Rob Frost - A team of New Zealanders are trying once again to be the first in the world to reach the summit of a peak in the Himalayas. Hillary knocked off Everest, and now Kiwi climber, Rob Frost and his team want to be the first to climb Anidesha Chuli in the Himalayas.Climbers call it White Wave. It's 6,800 metres high, two thousand metres lower than Everest in a less accessible part of the Eastern Himalayas. It will take 11 days walking just to get to base camp.  
The hope to summit in Mid May.  Rob and his team left Katmandu yesterday,  they are on their way to northeastern Nepal.

2:20 Walking For Pleasure - Lisa Thompson - On any given day, you'll find many New Zealander's throwing themselves out the front door for a walk. It might be with friends, to exercise the dog, it might be to enjoy one of the local parks or even the waterfront. There's no doubting that walking is one of this country's most popular social pastimes. And for the third part of this New Zealand Society series, Walking for Pleasure, spoken features producer, Lisa Thompson goes for a stroll with the JA walking group through the Auckland suburb of Parnell.

2:30 Reading - Jason Whyte reads Episode 5 of 'Dances With Marmots'.
George Spearing has spent 5 weeks walking through South Western USA , and covered almost 1,000 kilometres of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada as we join him today.
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Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart: 'Walkin' To Heaven' (Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart) from the CD 'GUITARSPHERES 2'   [Sonoton ,SCD 356,  Munich 1999]

2:45 Feature album - Cloud Nine - George Harrison (1987)

3:10 One Stop Shop

Food - Sachie Nomura from Sachie's Kitchen - Tom Yum Goong

Wine - Belinda Jackson
Coto de Hayas Crianza 2009   $15 - $18
Wither Hills Kersley Riesling 2010 $25
Trinity Hill Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2010 $100ish

Movies - Sarah McMullan looks at the new sci-fi movie 'Oblivion' and the romantic zombie comedy, ' Warm Bodies'.

3:40 Arrowtown Autumn Festival - Sarah Swale - The gold rush has returned to Arrowtown, but this time people are flocking to see the golden fall foliage and take part in the annual Arrowtown Autumn Festival. The 10-day Festival begins today with 59 events planned, including the New Zealand Gold Panning championships.

4:06 Finlay MacDonald's on the Panel today with Sam Johnson. The slight surreality surrounding the leaked EQC assessments and the ongoing saga of their publication. Are teachers being pressured to join protest marches tomorrow? The BBC, famous for banning pop songs at the drop of a hat, says it won't ban the anti-Margaret Thatcher song at no. 4 on the British charts, the re-release of Judy Garland's Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, and will play it this weekend. The new cheap tablets in stores, how good are they? And banning smoking in the Hobbit movies - is that a sensible suggestion or not?