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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 11 April 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - David Keys from Totara North, Kaeo, Northland nominated Piano Man by Billy Joel.

1:15 Your Place - our tour guides show us Castlepoint - home of the famous Castlepoint races and a longtime popular destination for holidaymakers.

2:10  DYI - Chris Cattermole
They're one of the major places of early childhood memory: backyard treehouses and playhouses. Parents often want them for their children, but buying one is often cost prohibitive and building one can seem pretty overwhelming. It's often said many urban parents have lost those carpentry skills.
Wellington father, Chris Cattermole didn't have them either. He's no DIY king, he'd never really worked with wood before, but he's managed to build a playhouse that looks like a helicopter in his backyard.  It seems like so many of us, myself included, have lost the lack for DIY projects like this.But Chris sayst doing it yourself is not impossible.

2:20  The Clock Keeper - Robin Galbraith
For more than 130 years, the clock high on the steeple of St Joseph's Church has kept time for the people of Temuka. The church, made from local white stone  from the banks of the Opihi River is closed now because of safety concerns after the earthquake, but the clock keeps on ticking thanks to generations of caretakers.
Among them, Robin Galbraith who has looked after the clock for 45 years. He was recruited for the job as a teenager and keeps on going, just like the clock.

2:30 Reading - Jason Whyte reading Episode 4 of George Spearing's 'Dances With Marmots'.
Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart: 'Walkin' To Heaven' (Geoff Bartley/Paul Lenart) from the CD 'GUITARSPHERES 2'   [Sonoton ,SCD 356,  Munich 1999]

2:45 Feature Album - Eyes That See in the Dark - Kenny Rogers (1983)

3:10 A Mother's Ballet for her Marine Son - Matthew Bannister of BBC Outlook
19-year old Colin Wolfe had been serving in the American Marines for just six weeks when he was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Now his mother Amy Grant Wolfe has created a memorial to him.      
Wolfe, artistic director of the Manassas Ballet Theatre in Virginia, choreographed and cast a four-part performance celebrating the young Marine's life.

3:20 Rogernomics - Deborah Nation - The Vault - This week, the world has been remembering Margaret Thatcher - and  'Thatcherism' . . her economic and social policy approach that's been lumped together with Reaganomics in the United States, and  Rogernomics in New Zealand as part of the late 20th century's neoliberal movement. From The Vault  today a report capturing that time, Deborah Nation remembering the start of Rogernomics,  with - to start - street definitions of it from ordinary New Zealanders in 1988.

3:30 Long-finned Eels - Veronika Meduna - Long-finned eels exist only in New Zealand and they are in trouble. Next week, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright, will release a report in which she is expected to call for a moratorium on the commercial fishery of long-finned eels to stop them becoming extinct.

Veronika Meduna joins Massey University freshwater ecologist Mike Joy and the manager of the Nga Manu nature reserve, Bruce Benseman, at an eel feeding pond.

4:06 On The Panel today are Gordon McLauchlan and Ali Jones. No-one to blame in the Labour department over Pike River, paying for road closures and cleanup and so on if you're at fault in road accidents. The survey of congestion in Australasia's cities - it's getting better in NZ, road-clogging, and worse in Oz, and we'll tell you about the worst commuting mornings and afternoons in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Dirty netball, the low roll at Canterbury University, and the cheap new Android tablets - how good are they?