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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 28 February 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Jill Turquet from Wellington nominated 'You're the Top' by Cole Porter.

1:20  Your Place tour guides from Edendale in Southland today - the place that once changed its name to avoid confusion with an Auckland suburb.    

2:10 The War Journo - Chris Allbritton - The Taliban had his name on their list. Chris Allbritton is a free lance reporter and former Reuters correspondent and Pakistan bureau chief, who has spent much of the last 10 years living in a war zone. He established a website in 2002 - back to iraq - to get readers to support his journalism, and raised thousands of  dollars to do the kind of reporting readers wanted. After so many years writing about seeing the worst of human deeds,  he now travels the world writing about the best in us. His current blog's, documenting ''global slow travel in a jet-speed age''.

2:20 The Fashion Designer - Tom Krock - Chris Allbritton's method of going straight to the public to pay for the kind of journalism he wanted to do is not the only example of how social media is turning ideas into action. 20 year old Tom Krock (CROCK) has always had an eye for fashion. His friends liked the clothes he made, so he decided to see if other people might like to buy what he makes. He's launched his own clothing label and he sells everything on Facebook. It's called Far Nearer.

2:30 Reading - Elisabeth Easther with 'Lights, Camera, Action'  the fourth part of her story series  'Between The Lines'.
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'Rebel Beauty' composed by Michel Roche from album:  Magazine #1. KOKA MEDIA 2245

2:45 Feature Album

3:10 The Feminine Mystique - Jo Fidgen of BBC Witness - In 1963, a frustrated American housewife, Betty Friedan, published one of the key texts in feminist thought. With its call for women to leave the home and enter the workplace, the Feminine Mystique paved the way for the women's liberation movement. Jo Fidgen speaks to two of Betty Friedan's children for BBC Witness. The programme also contains archive recordings of Friedan herself.

3:20  Gold Fever - Sage Forest - Hobby gold-prospecting has been on the rise since the beginning of the latest recession, but there are only a few places not covered by the Crown Minerals Act 1991. No permit could mean prosecution and confiscation of equipment. Sage gets in a river with a man called 'Bro' hunting the 'colour' (gold), meets a French gold-panning champion about to set up a gold school in Greymouth and visits a shop selling supplies.

Department of Conservation: Prospecting, exploration and mining
Ministry of Economic Development: Gold Fossicking

3:30  The Forensic Lab - Ruth Beran
Ruth Beran continues her tour with Steve of the Wellington Forensic Service Centre at Environmental Science and Research. First she meets Mark, who is testing a gel scanner for footwear impressions, as part of the Future Crime Scene Project.

4:06 Jock Anderson and Lisa Scott are on The Panel. Could there be a dairy crash, and would the economy go with it? Would you think there must be a better way of getting child support out of the men who owe 3 billion dollars worth of it. And how much of the non-payment is just plain shabby, and how much results from perceptions of unfairness? The fight that's broken out about which is the best beach in tghe world. A beach in Wales where the water's 6 degrees. Can you really call that a great beach no matter how pretty it is and how elegantly the surf breaks. the Australians are anmnoyed because they're not on the list. What will happen to home buying if the young need - finally - larger deposits? And the boss of yahoo - we talked yesterday about her edict that women  should no longer work at home - she has come out and said - essentially - that you can't trust people to work from home. they skive off. Would this be right or not, your thoughts welcome