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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 1 March 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Erica van Reenen of Hamilton nominated 'Train to Work' by The Thomas Oliver Band.

1:25 New Zealand Live with the O'Connor family - Sean and his two daughters, Acacia and Rosie.

2:10 The Artist -   Gary Schofield
Anyone who visits the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon walks past a painting done by a New Zealand Artist.
For the past 20 years, Gary Schofield has been commissioned by the US military to do work, hanging in some of the most prestigious locations around the United States including Arlington National Cemetary and the Pentagon.
The Defense department asked HIM to paint a memorial of the September 11th attacks.
Gary Schofield is back in New Zealand to finish another important commission.. this one came from the students at his old school, St Paul's Collegiate in Hamilton.

2:20 In this week's New Zealand Societies series; Intimacy plays a central role in the human experience but what about singles looking for love, later in life? Lynda Chanwai-Earle hears from the so-called "invisible crowd", women in their 50's on the dating scene. 

2:45 Feature album -  Stranger in Town - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (1978).

3:08 One Stop Shop - Dame Alison Holst is back today with her famous apple pie recipe, Belinda Jackson has the wine, and Sarah McMullan reviews 'I Give It a Year', 'Samasara' and 'Amour.'

Belinda's wine selections:
Mount Riley Seventeen Valley Chardonnay 2011 $30ish
Invivo Marlborough Pinot Gris 2012 $20ish
Desert Heart Magic Moments Rose 2012 $24

3:40 The Lantern Festival - Jennifer King   Last weekend Auckland held it's annual Lantern Festival, this weekend Christchurch will have its'  turn to  celebrate  the Year of the Snake and the Chinese New Year. Thousands of people are expected at Hagley Park to see hundreds of ornate lanterns imported from China. There will be food stalls and traditional and contemporary entertainers who've also made the journey from China for the event.

4:06 The Panel with Joe Bennett and Deborah Hill-Cone. The alarm over diabetes and new claims that obesity isn't causing it, sugar is. Speaking of obesity, how much of a factor is the decline of housework in the modern age? The fitness of the police, the new mental health app, Ben Affleck saying it's tricky to get the facts right when you make a movie like Argo, the interesting squabble in America over a winning Lotto ticket. If you buy a ticket of your own at the same time as you buy the weekly syndicate ticket, and your own ticket wins, should the syndicate share  your money? The day of quiet starts tonight, we'll explain that, and the modern trend of expressing regret while not explaining what went wrong or whether you have the right policy in place? Shark victim Adam Strange's mother and her experience with Jetstar.