1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Rowland Smith of Northland nominated  Back in Black by ACDC.

1:20 8 Months To Mars - Our next passenger is acclaimed concert pianist, Michael Houstoun 

ARTIST:    John Eliot Gardiner
TITLE:        Christmas Oratorio ['Ehre see dir, Gott, gesungen']
COMP:    J.S. Bach
ALBUM:    J.S. Bach - Christmas Oratorio  -  CD 2 / Track 8
LABEL:    Archiv 423 232

ARTIST:    Dawn Upshaw
TITLE:        Glitter and be Gay  (from Candide)
COMP:    Leonard Bernstein
ALBUM:    I Wish It So  -  Track 10
LABEL:    Elektra 979345

2:10  The Derby Queen - Heather Crofsky - It was good news for the punters when bookies favourite Habibi won the New Zealand Derby at Ellerslie on the weekend. But the win by the fleetfooted filly was a victory for the little people as well.
One of Habbibi's owners, is Heather Crofsky, who has a share in the horse along with her husband, her friend, and her son.
Heather will be well-known to TV watchers as Selwyn Toogood's able assistant on the glory days of 'It's in The Bag', back when she was Heather Eggleton.
In racing terms though, she's hardly a household name. She and her husband Peter are no big players in the game, they've been racing for years, but have remained beneath  the radar.

2:20  Burt Munro Auction - Neil Campbell - Pistons, papers, letters, clippings, and a photo of a very special pair of sneakers.
These are some of the items that will be up for grabs this week, in the latest auction of Burt Munro memorabilia.
The family of Southland's motorcycle legend are trying to raise money for a  mobility scooter for Burt's daughter, Gwen.
They're releasing a consignment of his possessions which will go under the hammer in Auckland this coming weekend.

2:30 Reading -  Alexander Gaskell Pickard has been hailed as one of a small number of early 20th century writers who infused a truly New Zealand voice into this country's writing. Among other things, he is remembered for introducing rugby into our literature. Pickard wrote under the pseudonym A.P.Gaskill, and you may remember we featured some of his short stories during the Rugby World Cup last year. Well - this month is the centenary of his birth, so it seems appropriate that we have another sample of his work.
Today, part 1 of 'Who Steals My Purse' - It's read by Peter Hambleton

2:45 Our Feature Album is 'The Next Day' by David Bowie, which we're sampling ahead of friday's release here. Is being described by some critics as "greatest comeback in rock'n'roll history".

3:10  Our feature author is historian  Robert Wright with the real story behind the Academy Award winning movie, Argo, including New Zealand's exact role in helping the six Americans who escaped.

3:35 Our Changing World - Two years ago Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington and the Department of Conservation joined forces to try and eradicate brown trout from the mainland island's waterways.
It was a bold experiment - but one that's been a resounding success, as Alison Ballance discovered when she joined DoC's Dave West and David Moss for an evening spotlighting fish.

4:06 On The Panel today are Finlay MacDonald and Julia Hartley Moore. 90% of Aucklanders are against pokies in poor areas, but the pokie industry says the machines benefit those poor areas. Do they really? Not just leaky homes, ongoing, but leaky buildings of all sorts now, including schools. The repair figure for the schools is something like $1.3 to 1.4 billion. What do we do about this epic scandal? For cities to succeed in the future will they need to have their airports in the middle of town, and speaking of the future, need Auckland go up? One local expert wants it to snake out in a series of cities built along a long corridor close to water. The accident at the tree climbing, we'll talk about that, and we'll examine DOC's reasons for not sourcing its enviro toys locally, but from China now.