12 Mar 2020

Samoa police charge blogger over alleged bribe

9:45 am on 12 March 2020

Police in Samoa have charged a blogger for allegedly attempting to bribe a police officer in order to continue filming a petrol station fire last Saturday.

The Malifa petrol station that was set on fire

The Malifa petrol station that was set on fire Photo: RNZ Pacific / Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

Loabay owner Gago Fa'au Gago used a cellphone to film the fire.

A police officer tried to stop the accused from filming the incident that has been described as a domestic violence dispute.

Police said the woman was stabbed multiple times before her husband set fire to the petrol station and killed himself.

Gago is scheduled to appear in the district court on 20 March.

Meanwhile, the Samoa Media Council is considering a complaint from the Journalists' Association of Samoa regarding the alleged offence.