PNG's Marape conveys hope for unity with Bougainville

9:15 am on 16 December 2019
PNG Prime Minister, James Marape.

PNG Prime Minister, James Marape. Photo: Facebook / PNG office of the prime minister

Papua New Guinea's prime minister has left Bougainvilleans with a message of hope for continued unity.

James Marape was in Arawa on Friday to meet with the autonomous region's president John Momis following the conclusion of the independence referendum.

Despite the nearly 98 percent vote to leave, Mr Marape asked Bougainvilleans to consider what he called a win-win situation, where their "desire for self rule is not harmed and PNG's desire for national unity is embraced".

He said just because previous national governments had failed Bougainville it doesn't mean his will.

Mr Marape has confirmed financial stimulus to the autonomous region including $US14.7 million for infrastructure including a school of nursing and technical college.

He has also committed 10 percent of national funding for small and medium enterprise businesses through Bougainville banks, and the return of the 39 percent shareholding of BCL to the region's government and landowners.