7 Jun 2019

Pivotal New Caledonia party outlines programme

11:44 am on 7 June 2019

New Caledonia's Pacific Awakening party has outlined a ten-point programme as it is in negotiations to form a new government.

Wallisian party formed in New Caledonian

Wallisian party formed in New Caledonian Photo: FB Eveil Oceanien

The party, which has three of the 54 Congress seats but hold the balance of power, says drastic economic reforms are needed to bring about more equitable policies.

It proposes a wide-ranging deregulation by abolishing monopolies, be they public or private, in order to foster competition and lower prices.

The programme calls for simpler tax system, the lifting of some mandatory fees imposed on small businesses and a ten-percent boost of the minimum wage.

It said New Caledonia is a rich country, but few in New Caledonia are.

The party said it is not against the rich, but against the poor, in the sense that it does not want them anymore.

Pacific Awakening, which emanates from the Wallisian and Futunian community, voted with the anti-independence side in the election of the government of the southern province but voted for the pro-independence candidate in the election of the Congress president.

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