15 Oct 2018

Call for minister to explain possible Norfolk Island service changes

12:27 pm on 15 October 2018

The Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce is asking the Territories Minister, Sussan Ley to explain possible changes in the provision of some government services.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

Currently New South Wales provides health and education services to Norfolk, but there are reports the state won't renew its contract and other providers are being sought.

Canberra has already promised that if there are changes the same or similar service will continue.

But the Chamber of Commerce president, Cherri Buffet, said the minister should come to Norfolk and explain clearly what is going on.

"We're hoping the Australian government will take some action and come and talk to us. Come and talk to the people of Norfolk Island is really what we're asking. Come and explain what is all this secrecy and why you're doing it in secret. And why don't you have a discussion with the people this is going to affect."