1 Oct 2018

Key Norfolk services guaranteed regardless of provider

9:41 am on 1 October 2018

The administrator on Norfolk Island is assuring residents that services will not be affected if New South Wales ends its links with the island in 2021.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

New South Wales has been providing health, education and some other services under the federal government's administration since the end of autonomy in July 2016.

Some concerns have raised on the island about a lack of communication over the possibility of New South Wales going after an anonymous letter on social media and in the local paper.

The administrator, Eric Hutchinson, disputes this and also says Canberra guarantees the same, or similar, services will continue whoever the provider is.

"It's very important to recognise that the commitment that the Australian government has made to the community and the people here on Norfolk Island, in respect of being able to have access to equivalent, similar, comparable services to similar communities elsewhere around Australia is undiminished."

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