26 Sep 2018

Norfolk chamber wants answers over Aust plans

12:56 pm on 26 September 2018

The Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce says Australia has to explain just what it is planning for the administration of the island.

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Photo: Norfolk Government

This follows revelations New South Wales, which is contracted by the federal government to provide services to Norfolk, is planning to end its involvement and be replaced by the Australian Capital Territory.

The Chamber's Brett Sanderson said this news had since been confirmed by the new Territories Minister, Sussan Ley.

Mr Sanderson said the minister is now promising open and transparent consultation on the matter but he says communications to date from the federal government have been a joke.

"There hasn't been genuine consultation whatsoever. So we certainly hope the minister is sincere in the ongoing relationship but she has only come out with this press release because of the anonymous letter that appeared in our press last week.

"So open and transparent is really damage control."