17 Nov 2016

NZ furthers climate support commitment to Tokelau, Pacific

2:06 pm on 17 November 2016

New Zealand's Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says this country will extend ratification of both the Climate Change Convention and the Paris Agreement to include Tokelau.

Paula Bennett

Paula Bennett Photo: RNZ /Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Paula Bennett was speaking in Marrakech where countries which signed up to the Paris Agreement are holding the first meeting of the Parties to the Agreement.

The minister said New Zealand's latest step was significant for Tokelau and the Pacific.

She said New Zealand and Pacific countries were serious about addressing climate change at home and in the world.

According to Mrs Bennett, New Zealand is providing up to $US142 million dollars for climate-related aid over the next four years, with most of it going to the Pacific.

She said this money would go into stronger public infrastructure, supporting clean and affordable energy, strengthening disaster preparedness, and supporting low-carbon economic growth.

Meanwhile, the minister said she hadn't heard any indications that other big emitters would pull out of the Paris agreement if the US President-elect Donald Trump carries out his threat to rip up the deal.

US Secretary of State John Kerry found himself having to address the uncertainty created by the election of Mr Trump.

In a speech on Wednesday, he urged countries to treat the earth's changing climate as an urgent threat, citing melting glaciers, stronger storms, and record-breaking droughts.

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