19 Apr 2016

Norfolk Island to take its governance issue to the UN

3:32 pm on 19 April 2016

Norfolk Island is to present a petition to the United Nations in New York next week, seeking listing as one the UN's Non-Self-Governing Territories.

Protest on Norfolk Island

Canberra's move to end limited autonomy on Norfolk Island sparked protests. Photo: SUPPLIED

This comes after Australia ended the island's limited self-government in July last year.

After a transitional phase, the island is set to become a regional council under the auspices of New South Wales.

The most recent former chief minister, Lisle Snell, said listing as a Non-Self-Governing Territory would impose certain obligations on Australia.

"What we are asking for is that Norfolk Island be given the rights that are accorded under the terms and conditions of being a Non-Self-Governing Territory," he said.

"It's a very, very historic occasion for us and we can't emphasise strongly enough the importance of this process that we are going through."

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