11 Mar 2016

Anxiety on Norfolk Island over coming job losses

4:57 pm on 11 March 2016

There are reports from Norfolk Island dozens of government workers are set to lose their jobs when Australia completes the removal of the island's limited self-rule.

This is set to happen on July 1st when the island's administration will become a regional council under the New South Wales government.

Already some Border Force employees from the mainland are on the island with local customs staff expected to go.

The stand-in administration is yet to say just what will happen to the local state workers but a minister in the Norfolk government removed last June, Robyn Adams, said there was rising anxiety in the island community.

"They feel betrayed. The agreement with the Commonwealth was there was to be a net benefit for Norfolk Islanders, taking into account local circumstances. You cannot say there is a net benefit when the Norfolk Islander is being displaced from his jobs and his homeland."

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms Photo: None

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