27 May 2015

Disgruntled MPs lead Norfolk opposition - Hardgrave

5:54 pm on 27 May 2015

Australia's administrator on Norfolk Island says the opposition to reforms initiated by Canberra is being led by a few politicians who will lose their jobs.

Norfolk Island loses its autonomy but it will receive the same social services as the mainland.

Most recently the Norfolk Legislative Assembly has passed a Remonstrance Motion pleading for the governor general not to give the assent to the legislation.

Norfolk has also threatened to take its concerns to the United Nations.

Norfolk Island Flag

Norfolk Island Flag Photo: None

But administrator Gary Hardgrave is unfazed.

He says he is putting the welfare of the poor on the island ahead of a bunch of disgruntled politicians.

"Four and a bit years ago they asked for change, change has now been delivered and now they are running around spending precious resources financing trips to various places while cars attached to the government's administration fleet have bald tyres. It is a matter of priorities. I am putting the poor and the poorly resourced needs ahead of a few politicians, and I think that is a good thing."