14 Dec 2015

Rampant Indonesian fires causing havoc in Papua

7:59 pm on 14 December 2015

Greenpeace says the impact of rampant forest and peatland fires in Indonesia's Papua region is having a devastating effect on West Papuan society.

Fires from land clearance on drained peatland have caused rampant fires across the republic including in Papua, catapulting Indonesia to being one of the world's largest emitter's of greenhouse gasses.

Greenpeace's Indonesia forest campaigner Yuyun Indradi says the fires have belched carbon haze across the region which is a health hazard for many communities.

"This is also a problem that they are now facing, they're losing their livelihood source in terms of forest and peat where they can get their food, and it's also part of their culture."

Yuyun Indradi says those behind clearance of forests in Papua are forcing the West Papuans to try oil palm farming, something which they do not take to easily.

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