24 Mar 2015

Call for Australian Senate inquiry into Nauru abuse

3:14 pm on 24 March 2015

The Australian Greens have been joined by a former magistrate of Nauru, Peter Law, and refugee advocates in calling for a Senate inquiry into the situation on Nauru.

The Greens' immigration spokesperson, Sarah Hanson-Young, says the inquiry should focus on conditions within the detention centre, allegations of serious sexual abuse and the breakdown of Nauru's legal and judicial systems.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Photo: AFP

She says it can no longer be denied that children are intentionally being put in harm's way on Nauru.

Ms Hanson-Young says the collapse of the judicial, legal and political systems means that the asylum seekers in Nauru have no access to justice.

She adds she has no faith that the guards who have committed heinous crimes against women and children will ever pay for their actions.

The Australian government has largely ignored international criticism of its asylum seeker policy.

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