24 Mar 2015

Nauru promises changes in camps after Moss report

6:45 pm on 24 March 2015

The Nauru government says it is disappointed in the service providers at the Australian-run asylum seeker detention camps in the wake of the Moss review.

The independent review, commissioned by the Australian government, found allegations made against ten Save The Children workers at the camps, most of whom were sacked last year, were false.

But the report did confirm cases of rape, the sexual abuse of children and the sale of drugs for sexual favours with some staff at the Nauru facilities.

Protesting refugees at the asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru.

Protesting refugees at the asylum seeker processing centre on Nauru. Photo: Supplied

The Nauru government says it is deeply concerned about the findings and says it will make resources available to ensure that all recommendations are implemented. It says the service providers are meant to ensure people in the camps are treated with care and dignity.

The camps, which are managed by multi national Transfield, are staffed by foreigners and Nauruan locals.

The government says it is clear there must be changes in the way these operations are managed.

It says it strongly condemns sexual assault, violence and any form of intimidation, particularly against those who are vulnerable.

On several occasions in recent months the Nauru government has accused refugee groups of lying and misinformation when they have raised concerns about the welfare of the camp inmates.