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Beatrice Hill Tinsley (1941-1981) was a world leader in modern cosmology especially noted for her study of Evolution of Galaxies. Her research on how galaxies evolve over time changed the standard method for determining distances to far galaxies, which, in turn, is significant in determining the size of the universe and its rate of expansion.

Beatrice was also an accomplished violinist who was a foundation member of the NZ National Youth Orchestra. Throughout her busy life she always made time to practice and play chamber music with her friends and attend concerts, and to write home to her family. Music was an important counterbalance to her extraordinary passion and achievements in cosmology.

The letters of Beatrice Hill Tinsley (1941-1981)

A 20-part series based on the internationally-recognised New Zealand scientist’s letters to her family.

Read by Tina Regtien.

Produced by Adrienne Baron with engineering by Phil Brownlee.