28 Oct 2009

The letters of Beatrice Hill Tinsley: 1973-1974

From The Stars are Comforting, 7:00 pm on 28 October 2009

Two trips to Europe, teaching in Austin, Evolution of Galaxies project at Caltech.

“I’ve just got back from a marvellous week at Caltech. Did lots of useful work, and was showered with invitations from old friends, with astronomical data, and inspiration for another year of Texas. My big project there on the evolution of galaxies, with Jim Gunn, is going to take years more yet, but the answer should be a most significant contribution to cosmology. It’s a great satisfaction to me now to go back there among all those famous astronomers and be greeted like and treated as a respected colleague.”

Silver Dollar Galaxy NGC
Located 10 million light-years away in the southern constellation Sculptor, the Silver Dollar galaxy, or NGC 253, is one of the brightest spiral galaxies in the night sky. www.nasaimages.org

Music details

BACH Partita BWV 1004, Courante DECCA 475 9081

BREL L’amour est mort DRG 5578

SHANKAR Charukeshi ANGEL CDC 556729

COPLAND Quiet City DG 419 170

CORELLI Christmas Concerto Op 6 ERATO 2292 45642

MOZART Piano Trio in C K548 HYPERION CDA 67609

MOZART Violin Sonata K306, 2nd mvt DG 431 784

EMER L’accordioniste DECCA 458 931