17 Feb 2015

Jeremy MAYALL: convoluted

From NZ Composer Sessions, 12:00 am on 17 February 2015

convoluted is based on an older, currently-unperformed orchestral composition. I have taken certain sections and ideas and reworked, rearranged and condensed them into this new form. I wanted to write a piece would make use of the various sonic possibilities of the orchestra, and one that explores the frenetic way that many people engage with the world around them, especially with technology. Because of this, musically the piece jumps around the place, sometimes quite erratically, moving from slow and washy sweeps of colour, to manic percussion, to heavy electronica.

Following from my previous work exploring cross-genre hybridity as a compositional tool, this piece is informed by a combination of contemporary orchestral traditions, jazz music, electronica and the mish-mash of sound found in many modern film scores. The desire was to compose a sectional, choppy journey through sound, echoing the hyperactive editing style of many music videos. Some of the sonic shape of the piece is through the aim to recreate electronic studio production techniques in an acoustic orchestral setting.


Composer Jeremy Mayall

Composer Jeremy Mayall Photo: Supplied

Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer originally from Hamilton. Jeremy Mayall is a composer/producer/performer based in Hamilton, NZ. He works in music, sound art, installation and multimedia formats, with a focus on exploring his fascination in the interrelationships between sound, time, space, the senses, and the human experience. 

He is excited by the process of collaboration and recent projects have included work with musicians, dancers, poets, aerial silks performers, theatre practitioners, scientists, perfumers, bakers, authors, sculptors, filmmakers, pyrotechnicians, lighting designers and visual artists. 

He holds a composition doctorate from Waikato Univeristy, and is currently Lecturer in Music and Research Leader at the School of Media Arts, Wintec. He was recipient of the 2014 and 2015 Mozart Fellowship.

Recorded 17 February 2015, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington by RNZ Concert for 2015 NZ Composer Sessions.

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