Corporate Publications

Corporate Publications

RNZ Music OIA Related Documents (12 May 2020)


Emails, texts and correspondence

Ministerial meeting notes 200129
Emails from Paul Thompson to Min and MCH
Letter from Paul Thompson to Bernadette Cavanagh 190529
Paul Thompson to Colin Holden
PT stakeholder update 200205
PT to Martin Durant 200128
Bill Francis and RNZ Music Content Director
Caren Rangi Emails
Paul Thompson  Willy Macalister texts
Paul Thompson emails
RNZ Music FM Network Estimate
2019 06 08 LG Minutes
2019 10 02 Minutes
2019 10 09 Minutes
2019 10 16 Minutes
2019 10 30 Minutes
2019 11 13 Minutes
2019 12 11 Minutes
2020 01 22 Minutes

Board Related Papers
October 2019 Board meeting minutes
December 2019 Board meeting
RNZ post hearing questions  FINAL - relevant questions
RNZ Chair Select Committee Opening Statement 13 Feb 2020
Select committee transcript
Ministers' expectation letter 2019 2020
RNZ Board Welcomes FM Frequency Opportunity

2015 Nielsen Qualitative Concert Workshop Summary
RNZ Project - Ollie Wards 22 Nov 2017
RNZ Segment Flipbook - Full report

Finance and HR Management
HR info restructuring Feb 2020
HR stats information


RNZ Music OIA Related Documents (10 March 2020):

Board Papers
The Music Opportunity - Presentation
The Music Opportunity Business Case
RNZ Contract and Variations (NZOA)

Staff Consultation Papers
Music Consultation Documents
Appendix One - RNZ Music Strategy

2017 Nielson Music Segmentation Research
GfK Audience Measurement

Finance and HR Management
Expenditure Budgets by Business Groups
Personnel Budgets by Business Groups

Annual Reports

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Statement of Intent

Statement of Performance Expectations

Extension of deadline for submission of accountability document

Please note that The Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media, Hon Kris Faafoi has granted RNZ an extension for the submission of the draft 2020/21 Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE), in accordance with the COVID-19 Response (Taxation and Other Regulatory Urgent Measures) Act 2020, now due to be submitted by 31 July 2020. 

RNZ requested an extension for the SPE due to the significant uncertainties created by the onset of COVID-19.  This extension has been granted so as to enable RNZ to adequately assess how its future operations will be affected and to provide better information on strategic intentions than RNZ would not be able to if the extension where not granted.

RNZ and NZ On Air - Joint Innovation Fund - Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

RNZ and NZ On Air - Joint Innovation Fund - FAQ Sheet

Good Employer Report

Editorial Policies

The Radio New Zealand editorial policies apply to all RNZ programmes and services for New Zealand or international audiences whether made internally or by an external contractor.

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