17 Dec 2019

Top features of 2019: gender and feminism

1:01 pm on 8 January 2020

The workplace #MeToo backlash, queer life in Sāmoa, ditching the makeup bag, tales of female desire and do women have better sex in socialist states?

Men now avoid women in the workplace, research shows

The #MeToo movement and the reduction in harassment it has achieved has brought with it a ‘backlash’ with negative side effects for women’s careers, research has found.

Professor Leanne Atwater from the University of Houston.

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Stories from Samoan queer life

Fa`afafine, transgender, and queer people of Sāmoa tell their own stories in a new book.

Alex Su'a Samoan Queer Lives

Alex Su'a Samoan Queer Lives Photo: Evotia Tamua

Christina Hoff Sommers: contemporary feminism portrays women as victims

"Instead of a quest for a sort of humanitarian equality we've moved to a kind of female chauvinism."

Christina Hoff Sommers

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Julie Bindel: Come on feminists, ditch the makeup bag

“Beyonce is brilliant, talented, strong, amazing - but she’s not a feminist because she’s a strong woman."

Julie Bindel

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Fixed It: taking on the mistreatment of women by the media

For the past three years, Australian journalist Jane Gilmore has made it her mission to fix headlines that label, blame and shame women.

Journalist Amanda Gilmore, the author of Fixed It!

Photo: Penguin Random House

Karley Sciortino: I'm pretty slutty

Vogue sex columnist and 'sexpert' Karley Sciortino fronts the VICE TV show Slutever.

Karley Sciortino

Photo: VICE / Supplied

Writer Lisa Taddeo on female desire

Lisa Taddeo spent eight years tracking the women whose stories comprise her book Three Women, which explores our complicated relationship with sex.

Writer Lisa Taddeo

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Hadassah Grace: 'There’s a lot of hatred towards sex workers in our society'

Former stripper Hadassah Grace has written a book of poetry called How to Take Off Your Clothes.

Hadassah Grace

Photo: supplied

Is socialism better for women's sex lives?

Socialism offers women more opportunities to live better lives than unregulated capitalism, says university professor Kristen Ghodsee.

Kristen Ghodsee

Photo: Dennis Griggs

What's it like being a woman in the music industry?

The internet has given women in music more autonomy but hasn't really changed the way they're regarded in the industry, says music critic Amy Raphael.

Music critic Amy Raphael

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