The Citizen's Handbook | Season 1 | Episode 1: Tangata Whenua

From The Citizen's Handbook, 12:01 am on 16 April 2020

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Episode 1 - Tangata Whenua (video)

The Taniwha Den

The Taniwha Den Photo: Kevin & Co / Lance Wordsworth

The Citizen’s Handbook begins where all good series start: the beginning! This episode tackles the settlement of Aotearoa, starting with travellers from all over Polynesia and then British and European settlers. Robbie helps break down how the tangata whenua established their communities, and how Māori established a way of life throughout Aotearoa. However, things didn’t always stay as harmonious...

Captain Cook meets the Taniwha

Captain Cook meets the Taniwha Photo: Kevin & Co / Lance Wordsworth


Episode 1 - Tangata Whenua (podcast)

It’s The Citizen’s Handbook! A game show where comedians try to separate fact from fiction. Episode one kicks off with Robbie Nicol trying to trick comedian Jamaine Ross about He Whakaputanga, and sees Jamaine lying to Robbie about the legendary trickster Māui.

Jamaine, Robbie & Finn

Jamaine, Robbie & Finn Photo: Kevin & Co / Tim Batt

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Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol

Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol Photo: Kevin & Co

The Citizen’s Handbook is a podcast and video series written by Robbie Nicol and Finnius Teppett, directed by Leon Wadham, and produced by Kevin & Co.

Robbie Nicol is a writer and presenter best known as the creator and host of the political comedy web series White Man Behind a Desk.

Finnius Teppett is an award-winning writer for theatre, television, and film.

| Twitter: @robbienicol & @finni_yes | Facebook: @WhiteManBehindADesk |

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