18 Jun 2019

Tuesday's world news: What's making the headlines

9:15 pm on 18 June 2019

US announces more troops to Middle East

The United States is to deploy an additional 1000 troops to the Middle East citing concerns about Iran.

Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said recent Iranian attacks validated credible intelligence of hostile behaviour from Iranian forces and other groups which threaten US personnel and interests in the region.

Fears of a confrontation between Iran and the US have mounted since two oil tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman last week.

The US has blamed Iran.

Iran also announced today that it would soon breach limits on how much enriched uranium it can stockpile under the Iran nuclear deal.


Egypt's former President Morsi dies in court hearing

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has described the death of the country's former President Mohamed Morsi a "full-fledged murder" and is calling on Egyptians to gather for a mass funeral.

Morsi, who was the first democratically-elected head of state, died after collapsing in a Cairo court while on trial on espionage charges. He was 67.

Morsi won the June 2012 election, but was overthrown after mass protests within a year.

His victory marked a radical break with the military which had provided every Egyptian leader since the overthrow of the monarchy in 1952.

He promised a moderate Islamist agenda to steer Egypt into a new democratic era in which autocracy would be replaced by transparent government.

Instead, he alienated millions who accused him of usurping unlimited powers, imposing the Muslim Brotherhood's conservative brand of Islam and mismanaging the economy, all of which he denied.

Amnesty International is urging Egyptian authorities to investigate his death and has called for an investigation into the medical care and treatment Morsi was receiving in prison.

He had reportedly been sleeping on the floor of his cell for the last six years.

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    UN suffered 'systemic' failure in Myanmar

    There was a "systemic failure" of the United Nations in dealing with the situation in Myanmar ahead of a deadly 2017 military crackdown, because it did not have a unified strategy and lacked Security Council support.

    That's the central finding of an internal United Nations report, submitted by Guatemalan foreign minister and UN ambassador Gert Rosenthal.

    The crackdown drove more than 730,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh.

    UN investigators have said the operation was executed with "genocidal intent" and included mass killings, gang rapes and widespread arson.

    Myanmar denies widespread wrongdoing and says the military campaign across hundreds of villages in northern Rakhine state was in response to attacks by Rohingya insurgents.

    The report details failings by the UN and says serious errors were committed and opportunities lost due to a "fragmented strategy" following the military operations.

    - Reuters

    Shooting mars Raptors homecoming parade in Toronto

    Four people were injured in a daytime shooting in Toronto during a crowded victory rally for the Toronto Raptors basketball team, police say.

    The Raptors beat defending champions the Golden State Warriors 114-110 to win their first NBA title.

    Thousands of sports fans were packed into the city centre in Nathan Phillips Square when shots rang out, sending many running for cover.

    The event was only briefly interrupted as officials calmed the crowd.

    Three people were arrested. Authorities have asked the public to send in footage to help their investigation.

    Police tweeted that none of the victims had life-threatening injuries, though two were seriously wounded, they also said two firearms had been recovered from the scene.

    Up to 2 million fans were estimated to have gathered in downtown Toronto for a parade in tribute to the basketball team.

    - Reuters

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  • Gloria Vanderbilt dies in New York

    Gloria Vanderbilt, the "poor little rich girl" who lived a life at the highest levels of fashion, society and wealth as an heir to one of the greatest family fortunes in US history, has died at the age of 95.

    Ms Vanderbilt was born into wealth on 20 February 1924, in New York City. She was the great-great-granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the 19th century railroad and shipping magnate who amassed one of the greatest fortunes of the time.

    Ms Vanderbilt became a fashion icon in the 1970s and '80s with an eponymous line of tight-fitting blue jeans that bore her signature and trademark swan logo.

    - Reuters