26 Nov 2016

Officials prepare for US vote recount

7:23 pm on 26 November 2016

Officials are preparing to recount election votes in Wisconsin, where United States president-elect Donald Trump won a narrow victory.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump greets supporters during a rally at the KI Convention Center on October 17, 2016 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Donald Trump greets supporters at a rally in Wisconsin in October. Photo: AFP Photo: AFP

More than two weeks after the presidential election, the Green Party formally requested a recount of the state's election votes.

A spokesman for the Greens, George Martin, said a review was needed after emails there were hacked, as well as in two other key states, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Officials in Wisconsin said they were preparing to act on the Green Party's recount request.

Election experts identified Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as states where "statistical anomalies" occurred, according to Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's campaign.

Republican Mr Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton by slight margins in the three battleground states on his way to an upset in the 8 November election.

Leading up to the election, many polls had Mrs Clinton defeating Mr Trump.

Although Mrs Clinton won the popular vote, Mr Trump is ahead in Electoral College votes.

Dr Stein won about 1 percent of the popular vote.

Fox News analyst named deputy national security advisor

Meanwhile, Mr Trump has made two more middle-level appointments as he continues forming his new administration.

He gave an analyst with the right-wing Fox News Network, Kathleen McFarland, the job of deputy national security adviser.

Mr Trump's campaign lawyer, Don McGahn, will become White House counsel.

There are reports of feuding among senior advisors to Mr Trump over who should take the crucial role of Secretary of State.

Mr Trump is understood to be weighing up giving 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney the role.

Selecting a cabinet is usually done in private, but Mr Trump has made his deliberations public.