21 Nov 2014

WITT students could be reimbursed

7:07 pm on 21 November 2014

A Taranaki polytechnic wants to talk to every student who enrolled in its failed Maori performing arts course so it can work out how to help them. This could mean reimbursing tuition fees.

Barbara George

WITT chief executive Barbara George Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin

A government review by the Tertiary Education Commission and the New Zealand Qualification Authority released last week found that enrolment and assessment guidelines at the Western Institute of Technology in Taranaki (WITT) were not followed.

The review looked at Level 4 and 6 Maori Performing Arts Certificate and Diploma run from 2009 to 2013. It said 127 from a group of 222 students gained a qualification without completing the course requirements. Four hundred tauira were enrolled on the certificate and diploma courses.

The review found that there was evidence that students were self-teaching and had little or no contact with tutors.

Other problems included poor record-keeping, students gaining a qualification without completing assessments and more than 200 students in one class.

Te Manu Korihi asked WITT chief executive Barbara George how it would handle students who had gained a qualification but did not complete the work.

Ms George said it was important to remember that the problems in the courses go back five years. That may mean students might have moved on or they might not be interested.

She said the onus was on the institute to do everything it possibly can, and if there was no other solution, the institute might have to refund the course fee.

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