16 Jun 2016

CTV quake investigation completed

2:01 pm on 16 June 2016

The relatives of the 115 people who died in the collapse of Christchurch's CTV building will soon have an answer as to whether anybody will be charged over the tragedy.

Rescuers stand at the smoking ruins of the CTV building.

Rescuers stand at the smoking ruins of the CTV building. Photo: Marty Melville / AFP

The building's collapse accounted for 115 of the 185 deaths in the 22 February, 2011 earthquake but so far nobody has been held accountable.

An Official Information Act request to the police has revealed the criminal investigation into the disaster has now been completed and is currently under review.

It will be handed to the Crown Solicitor in July for a decision to be made on whether any charges can be laid.

A year ago police raided the offices of the structural engineer Alan Reay whose firm was linked to the collapse during the Royal Commission into the disaster.

The investigation has been broadened to include other buildings that collapsed and killed people and more than 100 witnesses have been interviewed.

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