30 Jul 2015

Offender faces unlimited jail sentence

12:30 pm on 30 July 2015

A man who targeted elderly women in a series of home invasions could face an unlimited prison sentence.

William Murphy was arrested on Monday.

William Murphy was arrested on Monday. Photo: NZ POLICE

William John Murphy was to be sentenced at the Auckland District Court today, but the judge referred the case to the High Court so preventive detention could be considered.

Murphy was found guilty by a jury earlier this month on charges including aggravated robbery, theft, and dishonesty.

At his trial, the Crown said Murphy forced his way into people's homes and tied them up before robbing them.

Today, Judge Christopher Field said Murphy had previous convictions for four indecent assaults and one burglary.

He said a pre-sentence report had also found Murphy showed a high risk of re-offending.