20 Apr 2015

Push to avoid Chch asset sales

8:20 pm on 20 April 2015

Six Christchurch City Councillors are pitching an alternative budget in a bid to avoid asset sales.

The Christchurch City Council is facing a $1.2 billion dollar funding shortfall and is considering a partial sell-down of its assets, including Christchurch International Airport, Orion, and Lyttelton Port.

Peoples' Choice councillors spokesperson Andrew Turner said the problem had only been looked at from asset sales or rate increases.

He said some council commitments could be deferred along with other efficiencies which had been identified.

"Asset sales and rates increases are ways that have been well canvassed as ways of affording to do everything on the shopping list if you like.

"What we're talking about it reducing the size of the shopping list so that the need for funding is reduced."

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