22 Mar 2015

Dunedin drunk smashes ambulance windscreen

1:05 pm on 22 March 2015

A paramedic is shaken, but uninjured, after a drunk at a Dunedin street party smashed an ambulance windscreen, St John Ambulance says.

The female paramedic was covered in shards of glass during the incident in Albany St yesterday afternoon.

A St John spokesman, Ian Henderson, said it was difficult to believe someone would consider damaging a vehicle used to help save lives.

"They jumped onto the bonnet of her rapid response vehicle that she was driving and have broken the windscreen, she was very shaken by what happened but she was also very angry - she found it very difficult to believe someone would do something like this."

Otago University Students Association said it was disappointed at the actions of the drunken man who smashed the ambulance's windscreen.

Almost 4000 people bought tickets to the Hyde Street party yesterday which in recent years has been regulated by the Students' Association.

President Paul Hunt said it was disappointing when the actions of a small number of people cast a poor reflection on the partygoers who had a safe and enjoyable time.

Police said a dozen people at the student-organised Hyde Street keg party were arrested for a range of offences including assaulting security staff, fighting, disorder and offensive behaviour.

Although they said the level of alcohol-related harm and risk to public safety at the event remains too high.