7 Mar 2015

Container remains in Wellington harbour

4:25 pm on 7 March 2015

One of three containers swept into Wellington Harbour by strong winds yesterday remains in the water, Wellington's Harbourmaster says.

Two containers were located and towed to the container wharf, where they were lifted out by crane last night.

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One container remains in the water. Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

Mike Pryce said the third is lying on the seabed adjacent to the wharf.

He said it was marked so people know where it is, and efforts to retrieve it will get underway tomorrow when the weather improves.

He said a dive-team would probably use airbags to refloat the 40-foot container.

Captain Pryce said since the Seddon quakes changed the coastline and erased a road at the south end of the container terminal, containers now tumble into the water in high winds, instead of onto the road.