30 Oct 2019

Twyford to correct comment about NZTA board

5:50 pm on 30 October 2019

The Minister of Transport now has to correct the parliamentary record after admitting comments about the former New Zealand Transport Agency board were wrong.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford announcing the NZTA review recommendations 9 October 2019

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

Last week, National transport spokesperson Chris Bishop asked Phil Twyford whether any former NZTA board member had offered to stay on.

It was a follow-up question to the main ones about light rail in Auckland.

Mr Twyford replied, to his recollection, no-one had done so.

In a statement, the minister said he had remembered he did have correspondence in which former member Mark Darrow indicated he would be interested in a second term, and he would correct his answer in the House at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Bishop said it was not the first time the minister has had to correct inaccuracies and he questioned whether the prime minister should still have confidence in him.

Mr Twyford has refused an interview request, saying he has nothing to add to his statement.

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