14 Feb 2018

'Good luck crusher': Twitter reacts to Collins' bid

11:37 am on 14 February 2018

Senior National MP Judith Collins is the first out the gate to announce her candidacy for party leadership.

Judith Collins

Judith Collins announced her candidacy for the leader of the National Party on Twitter this morning. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

She tweeted her intentions only moments before going live-to-air on Morning Report, where she told Guyon Espiner she believed the opposition needed a leader who could operate in a way that would bring about a lot of stress on the government.

"I intend to be here for the ballot. I'm not messing around. Not tiddlywinks. This is the toughest game in town ...

"We need the strongest, most decisive leader," she said.

Of course, Ms Collins bid immediately inspired a lot of social media commentary. Some good, some bad, and some ugly.

Some liked Ms Collins' chances of becoming the next National Party leader.

Others wished her best of luck.

But not everyone was positive about Ms Collins throwing her hat into the ring.

There was also a degree of sarcasm about the announcement from some.

And even some commentary.

Others refused to take the whole thing seriously.

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