7 Aug 2017

VIDEO: Leader change shows 'chaos on the left' - PM

9:12 am on 7 August 2017

Labour's change of leader won't change National's campaign strategy because New Zealanders are more interested in policy, Prime Minister Bill English says.

Watch Morning Report host Guyon Espiner's interview with Bill English:

Mr English told Morning Report National has not done any polling yet but it expected Labour to get a boost after Jacinda Ardern took over as leader last week.

However, he said any gains would likely be at the expense of New Zealand First and the Green Party.

"We have our strategy in place, we are going to follow it, there is a bit of mixing and chaos on the left."

He said New Zealanders were seeing the benefits of a growing economy and it was issues like that - policies not personalities - that would matter in the election.

And having Ms Ardern at the top spot for Labour would not make much difference to National's campaign.

"This has all happened very quickly. A whole lot of the public actually are only just catching up with it," Mr English said.

"They didn't really know the last leader of the opposition and they may or may not know the name of the new leader."

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