18 Sep 2014

ACT leader remains confident

7:16 am on 18 September 2014

ACT leader Jamie Whyte remains confident he will make it into Parliament despite polls showing his party struggling to gain support.

Jamie Whyte speaking to reporters in Auckland with Epsom candidate David Seymour in the background.

Jamie Whyte (right) and Epsom candidate David Seymour. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

In Radio New Zealand's Poll of Polls, ACT is on 0.6% - not enough to make Dr Whyte an MP even if the party's David Seymour wins Epsom as expected.

Dr Whyte said the polls were wrong and the party had stronger support.

He said it had been a tough campaign for ACT because the news media coverage has not focused on the issues.

"It's very much like sports commentary, who's getting ahead, who's doing a deal with who, it's all that stuff, and the ideas get crowded out. For parties that deal in ideas that's a slight disappointment and disadvantage."

Dr Whyte said the ideas that should matter are ACT's plan to cut the company tax rate, to run more charter schools, and to get tough on professional burglars.

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