9 Dec 2023

Bank cards stolen from victim during medical event

1:57 pm on 9 December 2023
AB Corp produces bank and loyalty cards.

AB Corp produces bank and loyalty cards. Photo: 123RF

A 40-year-old man has been charged with theft after a purse and bank cards were stolen from a couple dealing with a serious medical event in Tauranga earlier this week.

Police said today that the couple were driving down Te Awanui Drive in heavy traffic on Monday, heading towards the Mount, when the man suffered a medical event.

The man was taken to hospital after members of the public stopped to help until emergency services arrived.

While the woman was being taken to hospital by police to join her husband, she found her purse was missing, and soon discovered that her husband's bank cards had also been removed from his phone case.

The cards taken from her purse and her husband's phone case had been used at various retail outlets in the area.

Police said a man who had matching clothing of one of the people who had stopped to help has been arrested and charged with theft and using a stolen card.

He will appear in court on Monday.