16 Apr 2022

Slavery-free chocolate won't leave bad taste in your mouth this Easter

9:45 am on 16 April 2022

Thousands of New Zealand kids will enjoy Easter egg hunts this weekend ... without any idea that many of those foil-wrapped treats were produced by other children working in the most punishing conditions.

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Just Kai founder Heather Roberts said about 20 percent of the world's chocolate is produced by child labour.

"So if food companies are not checking their supply chain for child labour, then child labour is almost certainly somewhere in the products they are buying."

To make it easier for consumers to do the right thing, Just Kai has just released its list of child labour-free Easter treats.

New Zealanders could make a real difference by putting their money where their mouth is, Roberts said.

"If consumers buy products that they are aware of being checked reasonably well for child labour that will change things at the other end.

"Families will be able to sell under those conditions and not have their children working for them just to keep the family afloat."

She was encouraged by the fact the range of certified slavery-free chocolate had increased enormously since she started researching the area in 2006.

"Back then there was almost nothing, but now there are options you can afford, options for children to really high-end stuff."

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