22 Jan 2021

Neighbour heard woman screaming, others yelling after shooting

9:49 am on 22 January 2021

A 72-year-old man who has a heart condition says he will sleep with a large club by his door following a shooting in West Auckland on Wednesday night.

Police car on the street at night

Photo: 123RF

Officers were called to the house on Glengarry Road in Glen Eden shortly before midnight, where a man and a woman were injured.

It is the third gun incident in the Auckland region under investigation.

A neighbour, who RNZ has agreed not to name, told Morning Report how the incident unfolded.

Around 11.45pm he heard a car cruising by and when he looked out his window he saw it was a silver estate car with no lights and it stopped in front of a neighbour's house.

"Four guys got out dressed in white hoodies, black jeans, trainers and ran into the property.

"I heard the gunshot, the bang. They ran out, jumped in the car, drove off with no lights on towards Glen Eden.

"I heard a woman screaming and about three or four other people yelling."

The man phoned the police and shortly afterwards a 4WD vehicle that visits the property regularly arrived and the man went into the property. When he came out again he started driving up and down the street as though he was looking for someone.

A couple more 4WD vehicles arrived and also joined the search and began driving up and down the street, the man said.

Once the police and ambulance arrived guards were placed in front of the property.

The man who has a heart condition and an invalid wife said it was a scary situation.

"I know they'd [the original carload of people] seen me because I put the outside lights on and went out onto the porch ... but nobody's been in touch so I just keep my head down with my neighbour and I keep a big club at the side of my cupboard."

He said he comes from the back streets of Liverpool so he's seen "a little bit in my youth" but now that he's elderly he's more nervous.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Frost said the incident is not believed to be a random event.

Police are looking into an early morning drive-by shooting in Mt Roskill, which is also believed to not be random.

A number of shots were also fired at a house on McCullough Ave on Tuesday, causing damage to vehicles and windows but causing no injuries.

And on Monday, a Manurewa dairy owner was shot in the leg during a robbery where cash and cigarettes were stolen.