2 May 2019

Eminem lawyers seek another shot at National Party

6:11 pm on 2 May 2019

Lawyers for rapper Eminem have today asked the Supreme Court to give them another opportunity to take on the National Party.

Eminem's Wellington concert last night drew a record crowd of more than 46,000 to Westpac Stadium.

Eminem played to record crowds for Wellington Stadium in March. Photo: Jeremy Deputat

In 2017 the High Court found the party had breached copyright by using music similar to Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" in a 2014 electoral advertisement.

It was ordered to pay $600,000 to Eight Mile Style, Eminem's music production company.

The court based that amount on how much Eight Mile Style might have charged for use of the music, had there been a willing negotiation. The ad was played over 11 days with 186 TV viewings and was also uploaded onto the internet.

The amount was disputed in the Court of Appeal by the National Party and in December last year it was reduced to $225,000.

Today the lawyer for Eight Mile Style, Gary Williams, told the court the copyright holders should receive more than that.

He said the holders would have demanded a premium for the song - particularly because it was used for political advertising.

National Party lawyer Greg Arthur said there was nothing that justified an increased payout.

The court has reserved its decision.

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