31 Mar 2019

Call for health service to offer nail cutting, after salons fail grade

1:56 pm on 31 March 2019

Medical professionals need to offer nail cutting, given the poor cleanliness record at nail salons, says Scleroderma New Zealand.

Nail artist creating manicure in beauty salon

Scleroderma sufferers need a health service to cut their fingernails, says Scleroderma New Zealand president Diane Purdie. Photo: 123RF

A public health report found 88 percent of nail and beauty salons in Wellington were not properly disinfecting and sterilising equipment in 2017.

Scleroderma New Zealand president Diane Purdie said scleroderma is a condition that hardens and restricts the skin and internal organs, sometimes resulting in clawed hands.

Many patients need to go to a nail salon to have their fingernails cut, because they cannot do it themselves.

Given the poor safety record for nail salons, Ms Purdie is calling for an accredited nail cutting practice.

She said the problem came up a few years ago when she was asked where someone could go to get their fingernails cut.

Ms Purdie phoned general practitioners, nurses, hand therapists and podiatrists, but was told it was not in their scope of practice.

"What we need to do is find a medical health professional or profession that would be willing to cut fingernails, whether it be a hand therapist or a podiatrist who is set up with sterile conditions," she said.

Ms Purdie said they would be sending a letter to the Ministry of Health calling for the change this weekend.

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