3 Mar 2019

Phil Goff to run for a second term as Auckland mayor

12:42 pm on 3 March 2019

Auckland mayor Phil Goff has confirmed he'll seek a second term.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff. Photo: RNZ / Rowan Quinn

Mr Goff said being reelected would allow him to continue the work he had set the foundation for.

He pledged to reject unnecessary rate rises, while trying to balance that with seeking revenue for the city.

The election is in October. Former MP John Tamihere and former Auckland mayoral candidate John Palino have also announced they will run for the position.

Mr Goff won the mayoralty in 2016 on the back of promises to tackle issues over housing, transport, the environment and he also pledged to restore public confidence in the management of ratepayer money.

"Elections come and go, but the big issues facing Auckland remain the same."

"It's about our environment - things like water quality, stopping Kauri dieback, eliminating predators, creating great open public spaces for Aucklanders."

He also pledged to continue tackling traffic congestion, completing city-rail link and building cycle and walkways, as well as making sure the infrastructure for housing is in place.

"I'm proud of the fact we are now building at the highest levels ever in terms of new building consents."

He said he would reject unnecessary rate increases, while trying to balance that with seeking revenue for the city.

"Constantly I'm told to push the rates up. I've resisted that and will continue to resist unreasonable rate increases."

But he said for decades there had been underinvestment in the city and there needed to be catch-up.

"We will deliver the things we need for Auckland to be a world class city."

Mr Goff wouldn't speculate on whether the competition against Mr Tamihere and Mr Palino will be tough.

"It's not for me to comment or run them down.

"This election will be around the candidate [the public] most trust, the candidate whose values and integrity they support, the candidate with the skill, the experience and the track record they think they can rely on."

Mr Tamihere has described Mr Goff's mayorship as a failure, saying he turned a blind eye to "corruption" in council owned companies.

However Mr Goff has denied the claims, and said Mr Tamihere should provide evidence or stop making allegations.

Last year nine Auckland councillors signed a letter of no confidence to mayor Goff last year, saying he was shutting them out and creating a distrustful working environment.

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