26 Jan 2019

Police to discuss case of woman ordered to pay likely abuser

12:38 pm on 26 January 2019

Police say they will discuss the case of a woman who was ordered to pay thousands in costs to her likely abuser - who was her superior in the Royal New Zealand Airforce.

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Mariya Taylor has been ordered to pay $28,000 to Robert Roper who, at the time of his alleged offending, was her superior in the RNZAF. Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

Mariya Taylor lost a civil case against Robert Roper and the RNZAF last year.

She had sued both for damages for the mental harm she alleged Roper caused assaulting her between 1985 and 1987.

The High Court dismissed the claim for damages for the mental harm she experienced from the alleged assault, ruling it was filed too late.

Justice Edwards ordered Mariya Taylor to pay her alleged abuser, Robert Roper, $28,000, despite finding it "likely" he assaulted and falsely imprisoned her in the 1980s in behaviour described as "heinous".

In 2014, Roper was tried and convicted of 20 counts of sexual offending against members of his family and three other women between 1976 and 1988. This included the rape of his own daughter.

When asked if police would look at the case again, a spokesperson said “Police will be having discussions with Ms Taylor in the future on this matter.”

The law firm representing Ms Taylor says they will speak to her about the police's interest in the case before commenting.

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