19 Dec 2018

Auckland Pride Parade: 'We will reinvent the Gala'

4:17 pm on 19 December 2018

The Auckland Pride Board says the Pride Parade will go ahead next year, despite reports it had been canned.

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Photo: Facebook / Pride Festival

Last month, a number of major corporate sponsors withdrew support after the board requested the police didn't wear uniforms in the parade.

The board went on to survive a vote of no confidence and raised $30,000 in community donations towards the parade.

Following a hui last night, the Board said it was commited to a community-led parade and was working hard to figure out what that looked like.

"The Auckland Pride Board will put all of its efforts in ensuring that there is a space for our community to march and be visible during the Pride season - a community-led vision for a relaunched Parade," the Board said in a statement.

Without corporate sponsorship, the parade's shape and form would not be like previous years, it said.

"As the Board's community funding gathers strength, we will reinvent the Gala in a way that represents the community vision for Auckland Pride," it said.

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