27 Oct 2018

Animal rights groups looking for new homes for lab mice

3:45 pm on 27 October 2018

Mice that have been used for research are getting a shot at a better life.

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Animal rights groups are trying to find new homes for 50 lab mice. Photo: AFP/ Olivier Roux / Biosphoto

Two groups, The Anti-Vivisection Society and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) have started a campaign to find new homes for animals used in lab experiments.

Massey University has now asked them to find 50 mice somewhere new to live.

Anti-Vivisection Society executive director Tara Jackson said the group was happy to help give the mice a life outside the lab.

"In New Zealand, we use such a wide range of animals, from rats and mice to cows, sheep, guinea pigs, cats, dogs," Ms Jackson said.

"We have made it very clear we are open to take on any animal and HUHA are more than happy to do that."

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