25 Oct 2018

E-scooter safety check urgently needed - councillor

1:53 pm on 25 October 2018

Auckland Council is getting advice on the safety of new electronic scooters after numerous accidents in their first week of operation.

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Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says he is amazed at the speed of the electronic scooters and a safety review is needed. Photo: Supplied

One councillor has called for an urgent safety report, saying she came within an inch of being taken out by one.

Councillor Christine Fletcher told a council meeting this morning that she was on her way to the Town Hall this morning when she had a near miss with an e-scooter at a pedestrian crossing.

"I'm quite shaken by this and feel that maybe it was necessary for me to have that personal experience to take seriously the complaints that I have received," she said.

E-scooter riders have filed 14 injury claims with ACC in the first week of the scooter sharing service, which started this month in Auckland and Christchurch.

They can travel up to 27 kilometres an hour, are allowed on footpaths and riders do not have to wear helmets.

Mayor Phil Goff said he was amazed at the speed of the scooters and had asked for advice from Auckland Transport about their safety.

"We do need to examine whether the regulation of scooter use is adequate from a safety perspective," Mr Goff said.

He has already spoken to Transport Minister Phil Twyford about the scooters.

Lime is running the e-scooter sharing service for a three month trial, after which Auckland Council will decide whether to extend its licence.

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