12 Jun 2018

Wgtn Council says 113 buildings have aluminium cladding

6:22 pm on 12 June 2018

The Wellington City Council says it has identified 113 buildings with aluminium composite panelling.

It said it had reviewed property files, and had a building investigation officer visit the properties to check the cladding.

It comes as Auckland Council today said 25 buildings, including more than half a dozen apartment blocks, had cladding of the type that burned on the Grenfell Tower in London, and resulted in 71 deaths.

Wellington City Council said 18 of the buildings needed a fire engineer assessment, and the engineer found people would be able to evacuate the building if it caught fire despite the cladding.

The owners of the buildings have been asked to assess the building for safety, and put in place any recommendations from the fire engineer.

The council said it would not publicly identify the buildings until owners responded to letters and let tenants know of the situation.

Last year the government tightened regulations on combustible external cladding.

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