10 Jan 2018

Triple murder accused who fled to NZ sent back to Korea

7:24 am on 10 January 2018

A Korean man who flew to Auckland three months ago after allegedly killing three family members will be repatriated on Thursday.

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Photo: RNZ / Gill Bonnett

The South Korean Ministry of Justice says that Sungkwan Kim, 34, will arrive at Incheon International Airport at about midday local time.

The Ministry has sent officials to New Zealand to help the extradition, but declined to reveal details for security reasons.

Mr Kim - a permanent resident of New Zealand - is suspected of killing his mother, stepfather and 14-year-old half-brother in October 21st last year and stealing $NZ155,000 from the mother's bank account.

After he arrived in New Zealand, Mr Kim was arrested for theft of household appliances two years ago and sentenced to two months in jail.

His wife, who flew to Auckland with him and two daughters, has gone back to Korea to be arrested on charges of conspiring to orchestrate the killing.